Eat. Drink. Travel.



“Do not live the same year 75 times and call it a life” – Robin Sharma

I am often asked why I love to travel so much. The answer is simple. Travel feeds my soul. It enlivens and invigorates me. Each journey I make becomes ingrained into the magic of my being.

The more you travel smaller the world becomes. Life pushes you from one experience to another teaching you that nothing is permanent. Yet it connects you to others deeper than you ever thought possible. You learn to move fearlessly beyond boundaries as they no longer exist in your mind.

I have created a life I do not wish to escape from. I feel blessed. I am humbled and I am grateful. There’s no looking back🙂


Demi xx

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  1. I love this quote… “do not live the same year 75 times and call it a life”.
    Something I really need to stick too. Im a traveller but can already see myself getting into a “routine”. I think half the enjoyment of travelling is really the spontaneity.

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  2. Thanks for being an inspiration 😍 Even as a mum with two young kids we can really “live” life…travelling whenever you please isn’t always possible but doesn’t stop you from traveling even within your own state. I live in Sydney and the diversity is amazing! We discover a different beach every month, spend time in the mountains in Autumn and ski in Winter..the kids have made more friends on the weekends than in school! It doesn’t really matter where you live… Its “how” you live 😚

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  3. Heyy,
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  4. there is so much innocence yet it’s so deep and profound. simple style that touches one’s soul. keep sharing keep travelling keep writing. way to go Demi. was just wonderful to meet you at WTM


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